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Prof. Bamiopol Laura Emilia

Școala Gimnazială „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” Brăila

The explosion of technology and the media nowadays increases the influence in teaching students. Technology has become one of the most useful tools in almost every aspect of people’s daily life. The complex changes of attitude and behavior of individuals, the change of values and even of the current practices interfere with the development of our society. All these modifications imply a change in the traditional education, shifting to a permanent one, which can integrate the formal, informal and non-formal education. Technology has significant influence not only on education but also in teaching and learning languages. The changes from the last century, either of an economic nature or at the information level, have created the proper field for mass media to develop. Mass media has made possible a more flexible language learning experience, in which students are given more control and guidance.

The new media (notebooks, smart phones with Internet) play an important role in the lives of the 21st century students who live in a modern society. Using different types of Mass Media resources in the classroom is a challenge both for the students and teacher. They should be able to use in the classroom these different media resources with the help of technology. The students have the chance to learn new things in an innovative way using newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, movies, books, internet, etc.    

They provide students with a lot of language practice and tasks which develop all four skills: reading, speaking, listening and writing. Mass Media encourages students to read English not only during the lesson but also outside the classroom, promoting thus the extensive reading, which gives students the confidence and the motivation to read outside the classroom, in their leisure time. Based on these ideas, it is necessary for a teacher to bring Media in the classroom, enhancing the teaching and learning of the English language.

Working with students for ten years now made me understand the importance of using media in the classroom. Moving on from the traditional style of teaching to a modern one, made me realize that a good lesson needs technology. And the best of way of bringing technology in my classes was the power point presentation. I discovered that through media presentations there is more communication and cooperation among students, helping them to speak freely and to engage in useful writing as well. If working with the books is more individual, less collaborative and less interactive, Media motivate students to integrate all skills, through various kinds of activities. Then, I started to use the video player, the telephone and the internet in the classroom. The feedback of my students was a great one, they were eagerly waiting for the next lesson, were asking me if they needed to bring materials, if we could discuss about different topics and if they could bring their own ideas in the classroom.

This feedback convinced me that using Mass Media resources in the English classroom was the best thing to do. I decided to adapt my teaching techniques to fit the students’ needs and the needs of the society we live in. I discovered that media engages students in the process of learning English, motivates them to work harder and aids student retention of knowledge.

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